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The canvas factory


As we moved closer to production, we needed a production space well before our new
manufacturing facility was due to open. Looking for something that met our environmental
and sustainable credentials, therefore, we set up our ‘canvas factory’ in a large marquee in
the grounds of our Warwickshire HQ!
Our engineers and operators set up all of the necessary equipment and while the design
team finalised the details of the design, they started assembling the components as they
arrived, hand building the first prototypes in this unique environment!
As we move to full scale Firefly 2 Sports production, our canvas factory will be packed away
as production is moved just 75 metres into our new state of the art facility which includes a
design studio, assembly hall and showroom. A test track outside will enable our engineers to
develop and tune the suspension and power output and also provide a test drive
opportunity for our customers while solar panels on the roof will charge the batteries at no
impact to the environment – Firefly 2 Sport is truly powered by the sun!

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