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Finance and business planning


We all believe in British innovation, engineering skill and creativity. As we developed Firefly 2
Sports, the Covid pandemic struck and it became really clear that stretched global supply
lines and the pursuit of cheap components from far flung countries was a popular but
deeply flawed strategy. From really early on in the planning stage, therefore, we decided to
revert to very short supply lines through using only responsive local suppliers with huge
automotive experience. This gave us the ability to collaborate quickly and easily throughout
the design and prototyping phases, with the ability to visit “in person” enabling rapid
progress, a shared vision and our ability to access cutting edge techniques and products in a
cost effective way.
Our UK supplier team provides 96% UK made components on our prototype and pre-
production vehicles which we are working to increase to 100% UK components on
production series cars. We are indebted to our suppliers for sharing their world-leading
expertise and technologies, from motors and batteries to body production and suspension
components. In many cases, we have asked suppliers to create new, miniaturised
components that replicate what they manufacture for OEMs building full scale cars.


Finance and business planning, Leigh Williams-Young

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