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Welcome to Young Driver Motor Cars


We design and build electric vehicles for 4 – 10 year olds in the West Midlands, traditionally the heart of the UK motor industry.  Our highly experienced automotive designers, engineers and marketers are dedicated to creating real cars, not toys.


Designed and built in the UK, production series cars are manufactured using entirely British-made components, making the Firefly Sport Britain’s first EV! Firefly Sport features super car design cues and a state of the art aluminium chassis with fully independent suspension and twin electric motors, delivering car-like handling while the electronic dashboard, reversing camera, tracking indicators and solar charging options are sure to enthuse a new generation of drivers about road safety, sustainability and the growing importance of EVs.

The new Firefly Sport will be available to book later in the year and we will keep you updated with dates and where we will be running.”

Welcome to Young Driver Motor Cars!

Firefly Sports 2.jpg
Firefly Sports 2.jpg
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