About Firefly.

The world’s first specially designed electric car for five to 10 year olds. Manufactured exclusively in the UK, these vehicles are a world first.

Key Features
• Independent suspensionIMG_1140 (Copy)
• Adjustable driver’s seat, and fixed passenger seat
• Hydraulic disc brakes, accelerator and forward/ reverse control
• Indicators and side repeaters
• LED headlights and tail lights
• Twin electric motors with up to 9 hour continual operation capability
• Twin 12V batteries with 240V charger
• Tablet-based dashboard displaying speedometer, clock and power reserve indicator
• Collision avoidance system

Drive-in, not ride-on
With enough space to allow a parent to accompany their child, Firefly gives the five to 10 age group an insight into what it’s truly like to be behind the wheel – which is of huge benefit from a road safety perspective. Fitted onto the chassis is a body constructed from fibreglass that has been hand-sprayed in realistic automotive colours. This is no ride-on, but instead a drive-in.

Safety features
Firefly reaches speeds of up to 10mph, however, a patent-pending safety mechanism ensures the car comes to a stop if it is in danger of a collision. Parents can also use a remote control switch to stop the car if they see fit. This switch has a range which can reach 100m.

IMG_1011 (Copy)The people behind Firefly
Firefly has been designed and manufactured in the Midlands, the heart of the UK’s iconic automotive industry. A team of automotive specialists and tier-one automotive suppliers have come together to create this innovative vehicle.
The training car has been specially produced by YOUNG DRIVER MOTOR CARS LIMITED™, a division of YOUNG DRIVER™, the UK’s largest provider of pre-17 driving lessons. The cars were premiered at the Gadget Show Live 2016, where members of the public were given the opportunity to drive one of four prototype chassis and provide feedback in the final development phase. Children have been involved throughout the development of Firefly, working with the designers and engineers to ensure that it provides a realistic driving experience.
The cars feature a contemporary body styled by car designer Chris Johnson, who has over 30 years’ experience in automotive and product design both working directly for car manufacturers and as a design consultant.

The Benefits
The ultimate aim is to give youngsters a greater insight in terms of road safety. By getting behind the wheel of a car, and tackling some day to day situations like junctions, passing cyclists and reversing, this age group will have a much clearer idea of how to protect themselves as pedestrians or on their bikes. Of course, it will also be great fun for them, which always helps with learning! As this is an electric car, it also helps teach youngsters about the environmental responsibility of motoring.